Vent technical details

Technical study behind Disappair mvhr vent project

It camouflages with home electrical system

Grid 503 style for Disappair vent applies to most of european cover plates on market.
Here a list of some compatible brands:

Disappair vent for mvhr fits Bticino Living Now cover plate


Disappear air vent 503 for cover plates


Disappair vent 1006 grid style for mvhr system

Vent 1006 grid style with double airflow capacity of 50/60 m3/h value

On average rooms technical like kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, where stale air is removed and outlet vents are present, occupy 30% of the total area, so the balancing of the airflow would sometimes require 2 or even 3 grid 503 style for cover plates, becoming a cumbersome installation for recovery ventilation system.

In this regard, we thought the 1006 grid (double air flow), being positioned at the top, better coordinates than 503 grid style with bathroom accessories etc.

1006 grid vent version, by cropping the center section trimming, fits on the same box / cover as Disappair grid 503 style.

Disappair 1006 metal grid style vent design 1

Design 1

Disappair 1006 metal grid style vent design 1

Design 2

Disappair 1006 metal grid style vent design 2

Design 3

Disappair 1006 grid style vent design 3

Design 4

Bigger grid 1509 with triple airflow capacity of 80/90 m3/h

For cases where in mvhr system triple air extraction is required, 1509 grids are available. 4 models are present in the same drilling style as the 1006 grids. For the grids 1509, a specific metal box is required.

Disappair 1509 grid style vent design 4
Disappair mvhr air box dimension
Disappair 503 vent dimension

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