Air vent disappear in the walls of your home.

The first mvhr inlet vent to match cover plates, creating a continuity of style in home furnishings with electrical switches, cover plates and other wall devices.

Embellished by grid that directs the air flow, Disappair mvhr system is so compact and discreet that seems almost invisible.

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Screed thickness is no longer a problem

“Dematerialization” of Disappair mvhr air box, allowed by its small size and shallow depth, makes it easy to install it both on brick partition walls, and on drywall.

Moreover, is ready for new generation ventilation ducting of various diameters, allows the realization of recovery ventilation system also in shipbuilding situations with little screed space, where it is normally impossible to lay ducting due to overall dimension problem.

Why is Disappair mvhr vent so different from all the other typical supply vents? Because it aims at maximizing aesthetic without neglecting functionality.

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Aesthetic design

It integrates elegantly into home furnishings,
matching with cover plates, 503 style, of major european producers
(Legrand, Bticino, Simon Urmet, Gewiss).

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Resolves the problem of screed thickness,
thanks to matching new generation
diameter-reduced ducting.

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No limits:
the same airflow of common ventilation
system air vents.

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Disappair, made in Italy vent for mvhr

Are available different inlet and outlet vents in residential ventilation market. Air diffuser are the elements, installed at the end of ducting pipe system, responsible for air immission and extraction.

Air grid is the visible aesthetic element of mvhr vent. Most of these ventilation grilles, are realized on the basis of a “standard” design: metal air vent grid, mostly painted, with different configuration of holes.

What was missing was a ventilation grid in specific to match cover plates like Bticino, Gewiss, legrand… We thought to realize it with project Disappair.

Disappair is a 100% made in Italy air diffuser specific for mechanical ventilation heat recovery system, which hooks the 3-module 503 electrical cover plates. Actually, is the best solution on market to manage home air, maximzing aesthetic design and harmonizing its beauty with other electrical components of the house.

Disappair has a special plaster vent grid through which architects and designers can “shape well-being”: controlled air recirculation for the best energy efficiency and raising healthiness, without renouncing the enhancement of interior design.

What is mvhr and why is important

Latest generation homes, for the purpose of achieving a high level of energy efficiency, are almost airtight.

A house already starting from “B class” has a significant energy saving, with the consequent effect of airtight and no natural air recirculation inside, since the drafts and temperature gradients are zeroed.

It is of fundamental importance, for the major healthiness of the home (avoid the formation of mold) and of people (disposal of carbon dioxide and volatile pollutants, such as VOC) to guarantee a constant air ventilation.

It is precisely for this purpose that it is important to realize a MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery): guarantee a costant air change. The air introduced into the house is suitably filtered and is managed in flow, temperature and humidity. The moisture-laden air exhausted goes away passing by mvhr unit where temperature is retrieved and given to new fresh air, optimizing energy efficiency (heat recovery with 90% efficiency).

Biological pollutants, fine dust excess water vapor and allergens are disposed of, and inside home only flows fresh air that generates a pleasant, comfortable and healthier living.

The main advantages of installing a MVHR

  • increase of the value of the building;
  • protection for the building from the progress of mold and degradation of the interior;
  • increase of energy efficiency;
  • health protection brought to a higher standard hygiene level;
  • extremely efficient filtration of micro dust and allergens, and no bad smell in the house.

Why to choose a whole house mvhr single room ventilation system

Mvhr is the kind of system for air exchange control that works through ducting, managing air supply and extraction from the rooms of the house.

Mvhr unit, with heat recovery, is responsible for new fresh air supplying, and for the expulsion to the outside in the atmosphere of the unhealthy, moist air of domestic environment, recovering heat efficiency up to 90 %.

A distribution plenum, downstream of the heat recovery unit, manages the air supply and return of the various rooms, through the ducting and the terminal inlet vent, installed on the wall.

Inlet and outlet vents are basic elements of ducting for whole house ventilation system. It is precisely through the vents that new air intake is managed, and extraction of exhausted air (rich in CO2, water vapor, VOC and other pollutants) from the rooms.

If you decide to install a whole house ventilation system, latest generation Disappair 100% italian style vents, are the right choice to focus on design and efficiency of your mvhr system.

The alternative to a whole house ventilation system is a single room ventilation system, based on a decentralised mvhr unit that works mainly room by room.

Main advantages of installing a whole house mvhr system instead of single room

If you are wondering what is the most appropriate solution for your home, if whole house ventilation system or single room, here follow some considerations:

  • aesthetic: mvhr unit, in whole house installation system, is usually placed in a technical room, while the decentralised single room heat recovery system should be fixed to the wall, therefore unsightly both inside and outside the home.
  • free coling;
  • air treatment option, possible on whole house ventilation system;
  • heating and cooling option, possible on whole house ventilation system;
  • Balancing and air washing;
  • Reduced cost for maintenance of a whole house mvhr system.

the single room heat recovery system performs a compromise function in the existing buildings where it becomes complicated and expensive to create a whole house system, effective but not comparable to the efficiency of whole house system

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