Air and outlet Disappair vents are designed to hit the performance of traditional vents.

disappair vmc estetica

Deliver clean air

In mechanical ventilation system, inlet vents are used to manage intake of new air, and outlet vents are applied for extracting exhausted, warm, moist air from all around the house. Air extraction is done from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

Disappair, in grid 503 style to fit cover plates, is the ideal aesthetic and functional solution for intake of fresh air. Placed just above the floor, near electrical components, Disappair vent in 503 grid style is able to provide the minimum air replacement volume required for a good whole house ventilation system sizing.

Disappair mvhr system for air recirculation
Disappair 503 vent airflow
disappair vmc efficienza certificata

Certified efficiency

503-style vent grid of Disappair has a air passage of 26 cm2, almost equal to the passage volume of traditional grids declared for 30 m3/h.

The maximum air flow rate, remaining below the limits of speed and noise output recommended by UNI, is 30 m3/h, but it is recommended to size for 20/25 m3/h.

disappair vmc distrtibuzione flussi omogenea

Uniform air distribution

Often for aesthetic reasons, in a room where air replacement of 40 m3/h is required, a single traditional mvhr vent with 2 pipes is installed, while Disappair in grid 503 style, coordinating with Italian style electrical switches (like Legrand, Bticino, Simon Urmet, Vimar…), is best suited for the installation of 2 grids that, when properly dislocated, obtain a more uniform air distribution, thus achieving a better air refreshing.

Disappair vent is silent only 25 dB(A)

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