The first mvhr vent to coordinate with cover plates of home electrical system.

disappair vmc semplicità installazione

Maximum simplicity of installation

Disappair mvhr vent receives 503-style cover plates, allowing you to define their color and finish depending on your environment.

Disappair vent for mvhr fits Bticino Living Now cover plate
Disappair 503 vent for walls starting from 10 cm thickness
disappair vmc scatola idonea per pareti da 10 cm

Suitable box for walls starting from 10 cm thickness

Disappair mvhr box, only 83 mm deep, is also suitable for installation on brick partition walls, plasterboard or 10 cm moving walls.

disappair vmc riduzione ingombro massetto

New-gen ducting ready: simplify laying and reduce bulk in screeds and walls

In addition to the considerable flexibility and manageability that simplify its installation, new generation ducting pipe allow the total passage even on 90° curvatures with reduced radius and, with the same internal diameter, a reduction of the external diameter of 7 mm.

disappair vmc doppia portata aria

Double airflow with 1006 grid and 2 ducting pipes

Disappair vent box cover is designed to fit grid 503 style, but in need, both for different aesthetic coordination and for flow rate increasing, is possible to version the cover for the application of a traditional double-flow grid metal vent.

Usually grid 1006 version is used (recommended) in technical rooms for extracting stale moist air, where double flow often coincides, moreover, coming extractions positioned at the top (near the ceiling), more easily to aesthetically coordinate with bathroom accessories.

Double airflow with 2 ducting pipe on Disappair mvhr vent

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